First Snow of the Year, originally uploaded by librarykatja.

It snowed! And then melted. But it was really pretty while it lasted.


I know I’m usually a grammar stickler, but I can’t resist the lolcat grammar. Also, the grammatical unorderliness is a mirror of my mind at the moment; my new job is fantastic and challenging and I’m learning a lot, but the result of all that learning is that when I do actually get home, I’m effectively brain-dead.

So, hopefully that will change soon, and my brain will adjust, and I’ll start rhapsodizing (coherently) in detail about various aspects of my job.

Until then, well, here’s a lolcat. Enjoy.

I is workin. Wat u want?

My old site: informationatrix.blogspot.com

Hopefully my experience here will not:

1) cause my eyes to strain at the amount of pink.

2) constantly frustrate me by making it hard to make even miniscule changes to my layout.

3) irritate me with the constant presence of the “eBlogger” header that is completely out of place with the rest of the blog’s design template.

So, in conclusion…hopefully…yay!