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Gotta love that red. It’s a power color. ūüôā


I’ve linked to the KC Currents Audio Archives; if you click on the “Listen” link for the 7/8 show, the program should load and play on¬†your WinAmp, Windows Media Player, or RealPlayer.


It’s an interesting show, especially if you are a Kansas City jazz aficionado, and it’s given me a few new ideas for the educational symposium that I am cooking up for¬†a certain¬†local archives organizaton.¬† More details on that front to come.

This week’s KC Currents, (a show on 89.3 FM, KCUR ) will feature:

Definitely tuning in to this one.

Yellow Lily

I took several close-ups of flowers around the farm¬†with my Elph, and I was really impressed with the results on the Macro setting.¬†I had my doubts about a subcompact camera being able to get close-ups this detailed and in focus, but these are pretty darn close to perfect as far as I’m concerned.

The other two shots I took are up on Flickr right now, if you’re curious to check them out. I wish I could show them to you in full size…I took the above yellow lily one at 2816 X 2112, and it’s now adorning my desktop, without losing any¬†readily visible detail.

A letter to the editor appeared in the Lawrence Journal-World yesterday, entitled “Library Value.” The long and short of it (and it was relatively short) is that the writer believes that an investment in a renovated downtown library would show the city’s commitment to its citizens, as well as a commitment to “a vibrant democracy.”

I’m woefully out of the loop as far as city commission politics and our city’s budget goes, but what’s interesting to me is that the editorial spurred the “Singular Large Downtown Library vs. Medium-Sized Central Library and Several Branch Locations” debate in the “comments” section below the letter.

I can see the pros and cons with both. I’m on the fence.

Well, I’m out of the loop. Beginning June 18th, 2007, Dr. Gwen Alexander is the new Dean of Emporia State University’s School of Library and Information Management.

Foggy Morning on the Farm, originally uploaded by librarykatja.

Too pretty to not post it.

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