I started this blog during library school as an attempt to keep track of my (usually) professionally-related web trawling, as well as to get a sense of my own written “voice,” and become comfortable with a type of technology (blogging) that seems to be used more and more in the information profession. Also, as an added bonus for me, I can look back and see what I thought about Article X or Issue Y four months ago, which is very nice as I have a pretty limited short-term memory.

I’ve been employed as an archivist since September, and I am hoping that, as I progress into the archival profession, this blog will transition with me, and my writing will become more useful to other archivists. I doubt that my writing style will change much, but I have no doubt that the future posts will at least be grounded more firmly in the realities of the profession.

Until then, I think this sums it up: Me recent hire. Me love archives, but me clearly not expert. Yet. Me learning as me go. Me hope you like.

Header credits: British Museum Reading Room Panorama Feb 2006.jpg. Freely available on Wikimedia Commons under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation license and Creative Commons Attribution License 2.5.


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  1. when you say it’s ove. Andreina Cecilio.

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