As per usual, most of the good ideas that I write about in here are not my own, so I’m giving full credit to David Lee King and his “What did David do today?” post. I was especially intrigued by the idea because I’m a huge fan of microhistory, and I always like to read about what other archivists actually do…so here’s my very own little slice of archival life.

  • Refined and sent out for approval the text of an outreach handout that will be included in the “Athletic Hall of Fame” inductee packets. (“Athletic Hall of Fame” is a University of Denver Athletics and Recreation ceremony that’s held once a year to honor individuals and teams who have made important contributions to DU Athletics history)
  • Discussed the progress of the baseline DU Athletics and Recreation chronology with my research assistant.
  • Received the “ok” on the image header I created for the blog that will contain all project updates.
  • Attended a lunchtime presentation on the use of Second Life for distance education in the physics department.
  • Reviewed the draft of the record group structure that I developed based on DU directory information, Athletics and Recreation org charts, and my interviews with unit directors and other project personnel.
  • Drafted preliminary processing plan for the Athletics and Recreation records that are currently in the University Archives.
  • Did some test data entry to see if the record group structure and processing plan would hold up under systematic processing with our collections management software.
  • Went home and watched “Valley Girl” and “Harold and Maude.”

Okay, so the last one isn’t explicitly job-related, but taking mental breaks is key to maintaining workplace focus…and I view Friday night movie-watching as a very important mental break. 🙂