MacBook ProUnlike seemingly every other person on the planet (at least by what the media would have you believe), I am not lusting after an iPhone. A few years ago, I had a few brief but scarring encounters with a PDA that I believed would somehow magically make me mobile, as I was both working full time and commuting to graduate school at that point, and about to pull my hair out from trying to keep everything straight. However, the only thing I got out of the whole experience was a potentially lifelong hatred of tiny screens and styluses.*

Fast forward to now. My desktop PC is about 4 years old and I am starting to think that it is time for an upgrade. I’ve registered for the Society of American Archivists annual meeting (yay!) and I think that I may go a little nutty if I’m in Chicago for a week without easy access to teh internets…and I’d love to be able to blog the sessions I attend. Also, I’m at the point in my life where, once I’m professionally ensconced somewhere (hopefully sooner rather than later) I’d like to do more traveling, and traveling is far more pleasant if one has easy access to a personal computer with a USB port for uploading photos and a wireless connection so that you can find where the heck the nearest art museum/malt shop/outlet mall is.

I’ve been hearing negative rumblings about non-basic versions of Windows Vista/PC laptops (from both my far-more-hardware-savvy boyfriend, as well as my own scanning of the comments on individual hardware components on Newegg and articles on Slashdot). The upshot of many of these comments seems to be that you seem to need 2G of RAM just to run a non-basic version of Vista, and likely around 4G to run it optimally…and only the most expensive laptops have even that much capacity for RAM, not to mention the drain it seems to put on your battery life.

This all led me to what seems like, especially given that the MacBook Pro came in 1st in Consumer Reports’ June 2007  15-in. laptop ratings (be forewarned, link only works for subscribers) the decision that a MacBook Pro is the best way to go. A great processor that has capabilities beyond what most current-generation applications will require of it (which means I won’t have to upgrade that puppy for awhile), the Mac propensity to avoid trojans/spyware, and…no Windows Vista.

In fact, given the amount of over-analyzing I’ve put into this decision, I would probably upgrade my desire for a MacBook Pro up from lust, which seems a bit base and ill-considered, to love.

*This is not to say that everyone has this experience…one of my friends has the same exact PDA and she love, love, loves it.