Since WordPress has decided to retire their “feed stats” section (“blog stats” is still, thankfully, intact), I’ve signed up for Feedburner (which is apparently now owned by Google) so that I can track…well, at least the new readers who stumble upon my feed. So, if you’re wondering why there’s a giant orange widget now at the top of the blog…that’s why. 🙂

Of course, now that I’ve decided to sign up for an outside feed stats service, it’s just a matter of time until WordPress gets sick of all the whinging from their bloggers and decides to bring back integrated “feed stats.” 

One of the nice side effects of the move to Feedburner is that, as I had to integrate a new widget anyway, I did a little messing around with the sidebar and added a Flickr widget too. There’s not a whole lot more on there than what I’ve already blogged about anyway, but I think it adds a nice dash of color to the place.