I blogged (and ranted) a bit earlier about my personal experiences with online education tools like WebCT and Blackboard, and, inspired by Meredith Farkas’ post on DrupalEd, talked about how some of the functionality that she discussed could potentially lead to more of a sense of online community than I experienced with either WebCT or Blackboard.

Well, I checked my feeds this morning, and saw that Michelle Boule had written a similarly-themed post on ALA TechSource’s blog, entitled “Unsucking Online Education, Part Two,” (Part One can be found here).

If you’ve had any experiences with either WebCT or Blackboard, I dare you to not dive into the article after this teaser:

WebCT and Blackboard are archaic structures that resemble how students learn in face-to-face environments. Continuing to build online education in ways that resemble the face-to-face environment harms our students and reflects poorly on us as educators. We should know better than to create a hostile learning environment. WebCT and Blackboard are still the norm in instructional design, but there is hope.

Amen. From your keyboard to library school administrators’ ears.