Half of the time I do decide to actually post, it is because I thought of a title that makes the five year old that is slowly annexing my brain giggle a lot. And this title did…not only does it sound vaguely obscene, but it captures the essence of what Twitter seems to be creating in the blogosphere, “confusion by…infatuation.” This is not to say that everyone is infatuated with Twitter; quite the opposite, in fact.

Twitter, from what I understand, is yet another type of social networking software that allows the user to, should they choose, constantly update their status (their location, state of mind, whatever), and not only display this status on their profile page, but send a status update to all others within their network, via IM, test, SMS, or RSS.

 What I want to know is, why would someone else want to be alerted to the fact that I’m eating a tuna salad sandwich for lunch? Apparently, according to at least one Twitter user quoted in this Wall Street Journal article, some people are interested to know what someone else is eating for dinner…every night of the week. It seems more than a little excessive.

Bear in mind, this is coming from someone whose Gmail status message still reads: “Information Professional to the Stars,” which is a spectacularly bad “Joey” reference that, oh, one of my friends got. Needless to say, I tend toward the ridiculous (and ridiculously bad) rather than literal in my broadcasted social networking when it comes to updating people on my “status.”

Anyway, John Blyberg of blyberg.net and Steven Cohen of librarystuff.net have already “locked horns” on the issue, both ending up with some pretty entertaining and wortwhile Twitter-related reads on their blogs. Also, Mat Balez, who I’ve never heard of (which is not saying much), but who apparently has enough clout in the tech community to get his post 603 diggs and a brief appearance on techmeme.com, is calling Twitter’s time of death at…now.

Does this break a hype cycle/jumping the shark/whatever-you-want-to-call-it record? Or, are people just trying to hate instead of congratulate? I have no idea.

What I do think is that Robert Scoble is right, Twitter hate is the new black. Whether or not that is warranted, I don’t know. What I do know is that black is totally slimming, so…Twitter hate it is! 🙂