EPIC 2015

My decision to blog about EPIC 2015 has more to do with:

1) The fact that I enjoy watching it.

2) I wouldn’t have known about it had it not been for another library school student, so let’s hear it for networking and recreational professional development!

3) I am darn near completely out of other ideas to post about right now. I’m tapped out, folks.

Also, I haven’t gotten to use the word “dystopia” in my blog yet, and this gives me a chance to.

This video, created by Robin Sloan and Matt Thompson, is a sequel to EPIC 2014, and provides a slightly less dystopian (or, depending on your viewpoint, possibly utopian) vision of the future of information than its predecessor. It’s a vague description, but any attempt I make to describe it further will probably do it a disservice. And, as I said, tapped out. However, one last stab at it:

Web 2.0, information literacy, the potential hegemony of organizations like Google and Amazon, the democratizing effects of the internet…it’s all there, and a lot more. Enjoy!