Okay, I’m officially jealous. Texas Women’s University is using Koha to teach their library school students about library automation

Like DRM (Digital Rights Management), open-source library software isn’t a subject that I’ve really learned about or discussed in library school. With this in mind, I put together a list of the sources that have (so far) been the most helpful in keeping me up to date on recent developments:

“Librarians stake their future on open source.” Michael Stutz, December 21, 2006, on www.linux.com. Article mainly discusses Evergreen and its release, also Koha.

Evergreen – An open-source ILS developed for the Georgia PINES library consortium.

LibLime: A company that helps libraries adopt open-source software; provides support for both Evergreen and Koha.

 oss4lib: A blog where members post news about open-source software in libraries.

I’m sure there are some more that I’ve missed, but those are what I have for now. Also, I’d highly recommend playing around with the Georgia PINES OPAC. The layout, the search options and results…they’re all great. Really. If my undergraduate alma mater’s OPAC had looked and functioned like that, I would have been much happier when it came time to do research.