Home Economics Story, The (1951)

This little gem is an educational short from Iowa State Teachers’ College, clearly aimed at 1950s parents who might balk at footing a daughter’s college tuition bill. The subject matter and tone (the male narrator cheerily demonstrates how the girls’ academic pursuits are applicable to home-making) have become anachronistic enough to be laughable, as evidenced by the short’s hilarious lampooning on Mystery Science Theater 3000.

However, once you’ve gotten through the first few viewings and your sides no longer ache from laughing, take a moment and thank your lucky stars we’re not in the 1950s anymore. I know I did.

FYI: The video is about 25 minutes short. Har, har. Short. Get it? Ahem. Anyway, it’s worth it, just make sure you have a half an hour blocked out.