It’s news to me, but apparently Google has been publishing a “Librarian Newsletter” since December 2005. The newsletter has included articles by several Google engineers and “Library Partnership team members,” but interspersed in there are several by librarians who are (as far as I am able to deduce) unaffiliated with Google:

“Beyond Algorithms: A Librarian’s Guide to Websites You Can Trust” by Karen Schenider, aka The Free Range Librarian and director of the Librarian’s Internet Index (LII).

“Libraries and Google/Google Book Search: No Competition!” by Walt Crawford, a senior analyst at RLG.

Google has also recently launched a “Google for Educators” website. They’ve included a teacher’s guide to their major products (Google Earth, Blogger, Picasa). This includes a brief description of the product, general descriptions for how it might be used in the classroom, as well as several lesson plans for each.

The “Librarian Center” is sparse at best…it lists conferences that Google representatives will be attending, stories and videos of librarians who have had success using Google’s products, etc. Not awful, but definitely not earth-shatteringly useful.

The “Google For Educators” site seems to be far more fleshed out. In fact, there seems to be a marked difference in the amount of detail provided to educators vs. librarians on how Google products could be used in our respective daily professional lives.

Veeery interesting.