Snyder Book Collecting Contest icon

Snyder Book Collecting Contest icon,
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This little guy appears on the header of the University of Kansas’ Snyder Book Collecting Contest web page. After I heard about this contest yesterday, I just had to post about it…it’s such a neat idea, and of the kind that is near and dear to my archivally-oriented heart.

The contest’s premise: currently enrolled KU students (one category for undergraduates and one for graduates) submit one collection, focused around a particularly collecting interest (ex: A.A. Milne, North American Mammals, etc.). The students also submit a collection bibliography and a brief (2-6 pg.) essay detailing the collector’s “purpose and method in building the collection. This year, there is a prize of $800….yes, $800.

Imagine getting that kind of prize for a collection that you’ve nurtured and grown and cherished as a hobby! Amazing.

This year is the 50th anniversary; although the original benefactor of the competition, Elizabeth Snyder, passed in 2004, she ensured that the contest would continue to be supported with an endowed fund.