As I hope to someday work in archives and special collections, and these collections are increasingly either born-digital, electronically available, or both, the issue of Digital Rights Management has been looming larger and larger on my personal horizon for awhile now. To be perfectly honest, though, I’m still trying to wrap my mind around both the definition and the potential consequences of DRM….this isn’t an issue that, to my knowledge, has been discussed at my library school, and so a lot of my information has been sort of informally gleaned from a combination of web trawling and the sites whose RSS feeds I subscribe to, a situation I’m trying to remedy.

This is why I was so pleased when I noticed that one of the sites in my aggregator, Boing Boing, a self-described “directory of wonderful things” mentioned that a professor at USC is teaching a class on Digital Rights Management, titled Pwned: Is everyone on this campus a copyright criminal?”. Thankfully, the article also links to the draft syllabus for the class, which looks to contain a lot of interesting reading material. The teacher has obviously taken a decidedly negative stance on DRM, so I’m doubting I’ll find any attempts at a “fair and balanced” representation of information regarding DRM.

However, unlike other disseminators of “fair and balanced” information, he’s at least owning up to his biases, so he’s all right in my book.