I was going through my saved Gmail chats today, and I came across one with one of my very good friends that detailed the creation of the name of this blog. I’ve taken out her name, and done some cuts to tighten it up a little, but in length only. This only took up the span of about ten minutes, so, NO, we weren’t slacking, we were taking our “ten”.

And thankfully, I don’t listen to her, or the name of this blog would make absolutely no sense….as you’ll see if you manage to make it to the end of our inane ramblings:

me: Oh, I forgot to ask you again…ideas for a blog name.

friend: Oh, yay!

I am no good with professional ones though.

me: Maybe not completely professional, just not unprofessional.

Nothing referencing sex or alcohol or anything.

Some sort of clever play on my name, being a beginning information professional/librarian/archivist, something like that.


friend: Fine, make me think. That takes time.

me: Hey, you said you didn’t want to work.

I’m just trying to help.

friend: Here are the ones that I suggested last time you asked:

The Library Information Scientess

The Brink of Librarianship.


me: That’s nice.

I like things that end in -ista and -atrix.


friend: That is good too!

me: What are other -ista and -atrix-y endings?

friend: -grapher

me: I could be Informationatrix (in training)

friend: -oid? –opolis?

me: I’m not a whole city! Meanie.

friend: Datalyptica

me: That makes no sense, but it sounds neat.

friend: I know!

Like apocalyptica.

me: Yes.

friend: Informationutrition.

me: Ha.

friend: Portmanteau that!

me: Yeah!


friend: Informationthropomorphism

me: Yes! That’s it!


friend: Aw, come on!

me: I’m going with informationanteau.

Because it sounds like I’m french.

Or, French.

friend: Stewart.

me: NO!

I don’t want to be French Stewart!



*feet stomping*

friend:: Too bad, you are cursed now.

me: Information French Stewart?

friend:: That is pretty snazzy.

me: I think so.