I was browsing the nonist this morning and came across a very interesting image of a vintage poster, bearing the words: You may think she’s just your ‘gal,’ but she may be everyone’s pal: Prophylaxis Prevents Venereal Disease”.

Needless to say (well, if you know me, it’s needless to say), I was curious to find out more about the site, so I did some browsing and found that this poster is part of the Social Hygiene Posters database (c. 1910-1970), which is one of many in the University of Minnesota IMAGES repository. A lot of the really interesting ones are from two parallel poster presentations from the U.S. Public Health Service in the 1920s, and they (literally and figuratively) provide vivid historical slices of life that (I believe) just aren’t possible with purely text-based sources.

There are a lot of other very interesting posters in there…another one of my favorites is Beware of chance acquaintances. That’s right, ladies. Don’t ever let a strange man take you auto-riding or to a cafè, because he might attempt to entice you into sex relations and then you’ll get the clap or syphilis, get pregnant, and your child will die or be born blind.

In other words, it’s a vintage episode of House, M.D..