Though my blog’s tagline would seem to indicate that I completely refuse to wear comfortable shoes, my real beef is with people (yes, these are mostly women, and I’m only referring to those of you without any actual foot ailments) who insist that it’s impossible to find shoes that are both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

Ladies, I submit for your approval…

Adorable (and mostly reasonably priced) flats:
Naturalizer’s horribly pun-riddled but nonetheless adorable Flatery.
Cole Haan’s (with Nike Air cushion built into the heel) Air Bronte Ballet
Nine West’s suede Edwin flats, available in several great fall colors.
And, if you’re feeling adventurous, your work environment doesn’t require (or strongly suggest) closed-toe shoes, and you have a really kicky color of nail polish on, why not try some Steve Madden leopard print peep toes ?

Or how ’bout some buttery soft chocolate brown boots from Aerosoles?

I could stand all day in all of the shoes I listed…and my feet would look damn good while I did it.

If you still doubt me, try some Foot Petals…they make even the three-inch (and sometimes slightly higher) shoes I wear bearable. And, if those aren’t heavy-duty enough for you, Dr. Scholl’s makes gel cushions for the balls of your feet.

Now if I could just figure out how to remove tapered, pleated pants from the shelves of all major department stores….